Amanda Clarke Photography

I’m Amanda Clarke, a portrait photographer based in Hertfordshire and working in London, Hertfordshire, Kent and Essex. I started my photography career here in the UK but really started to focus on developing my own particular style while living in Texas, USA.

I chose to specialise in portrait photography after seeing the brilliant reactions when people see a great photograph of themselves. It’s such a lovely and rewarding feeling to know that I am instrumental in capturing someone’s personality. I aim to make my clients feel completely at ease, and I challenge myself to capture each person’s true essence in a photograph, something which I’ve worked on perfecting. My signature style is when I capture a look directly to camera – to me the eyes tell all!

I’m really easy going so I love working with people who are open and willing to connect. If you’re in front of my lens I see you as a friend and hope to capture images that will make you smile and be proud to share with family and friends.