Welcome to your Personal Branding journey!

Personal Branding is an integral part of any modern business. Even large businesses are encouraging their staff to act as advocates for the business and build their own personal brand.

Whether you’re a team member of a bigger brand, an entrepreneur, coach, author or public speaker – your branding needs the type of imagery that makes an impact. Personality packed, relationship building imagery.

Personal Branding Photography with personality

Thankfully the days of stuffy, lifeless headshots taken against an office wall are long gone. With Social Media playing a huge part in most people’s marketing strategy, creating bright, fun, personality packed imagery has never been more important.

Intrinsically YOU

At the core of your personal branding strategy you need to think about what message you want to get across. Who are you? What do you bring to the plate? And how can you convey that in your imagery?

That is where an incredible photographer comes into play (hi there). They should be able to recognise those qualities within you, and draw them out through their communication with you and most importantly at your shoot.

Easy Peasy

It’s not enough to be a great photographer, you have to be a coach. An encourager. Finding that spark in someone is all important. Helping them feel at ease so their true essence shines through makes for the best kind of picture. The sort that reaches the hearts and minds of your customer. The kind of image that builds trust. When it comes to personal branding, first impressions really do count.

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