What to wear for your Personal Branding Shoot – SS22

When it comes to what to wear for your personal branding shoot, there’s several factors to consider. You want to make an impact, but you have to stay true to your brand and reflect who you are and what you do through your style. Easy right? 

Fear not, style expert Becky Barnes is here to give you some fashion pointers on how to incorporate one of the biggest trends of Spring/Summer 22 into your professional photoshoot. 

Stay True, Stay Comfortable

The most important thing when choosing what to wear for your personal branding shoot is comfort. I mean this in a metaphorical and actual sense. Wear styles that are familiar to you, items that you would wear to meet clients for example. 

The purpose of a personal branding shoot is to create instantly recognisable imagery. Impactful shots that reflect you and what you do. I believe, to truly do that, you have to be comfortable in what you’re wearing both in your body and mind. If it feels uncomfortable, you will most probably look uncomfortable.

Dopamine Dressing

A huge emerging trend for Spring/Summer 22 is ‘dopamine dressing’. After the last couple of years, it would seem the world of fashion is looking to what we wear to provide an instant mood boost.

This trend is all about colour; think bold colours that can be worn in blocks or mixed and matched to create a big statement. The beauty of this trend is that it really is for everyone. It’s not about a certain shape, piece of clothing or size, it’s all about the colour. So you can wear the styles you love but with an added blast of happiness!

Incorporating colour into your personal branding is nothing new, for as long as marketing, advertising and branding has been about, so has the theory of colour. By now, you might have even identified your ‘power colour’ or even had a colour consultation. Great stuff! 

However, if you are new to big, bold colour; here are some top tips to incorporate the dopamine dressing trend into your personal branding shoot.

  • When shopping, hold up some colours you love to your face. How do they look? Do they make you glow or perhaps they wash you out? Only choose colours that make you feel great. 
  • Love a colour, but it doesn’t love you? Try wearing it on your bottom half. Grab some bright trousers or a skirt and play it a bit safer up top.
  • Don’t be afraid to colour clash. Head to instagram or pinterest for some inspo! My favourite dopamine dressing colour combo at the moment is cerise and green. Trust me, it looks incredible!
  • Still not ready to take the full-on leap into bold colour clothing? Try some bright accessories, a beautifully bright scarf looks great with a more toned down outfit. If you love your accessories, try a colourful necklace, earrings or even shoes.

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Amanda xx

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